Book Review: Star Risk Ltd. (Star Risk #1) by Chris Bunch


This novel differs from a lot of other War/Science Fiction type novels in that this novel keeps the major elements of Science Fiction in the forefront, not letting the leader drop into what could be “just another war novel”. The mixture of aliens, asteroid mining, and espionage keeps the interest in “what happens next” piqued.

Let’s not forget the flirting and implied romance between two major characters. Absolutely no details of the encounter were given, which kept this novel one of the more unique ones when the author held true to the genre.

The action sequences between the Star Risk, Ltd. forces and the pirate organization are well-described and well-planned out, leaving the distinct impression that the action really happened.

The author showed a sense of humor and nostalgia by naming the Pirates ‘Murgatroyds’… a nod, we believe, to an old cartoon character named “Dyno Mutt” who was the sidekick of the Blue Falcon. Dynomutt used to say “Heavens to Murgatroid,” as an exclamation of surprise.

Another point of humor was the naming of the Star Risk base ship “Boop-Boop-A-Doop”. It made each of us that read it to snicker each time we came across the ship name….

Overall, the book was an excellent read, and we’ll be looking forward to the opportunity to review the next book in the series called “The Scoundrel Worlds”.


The raid on the prison to save Goodnight read very well and had the ‘feel’ of a real prison break, just as it would appear in a television show or movie; well-choreographed and detailed.

The characters are very extensively developed, and the author chose to bring their backgrounds to light gradually, rather than spending an inordinate amount of time describing each one all at once.


The overall story flowed very smoothly from scene to scene, and the pace was even and fast enough to keep the reader’s attention. Even the jumps between primary characters are well-documented by references to the other characters to tie the jump to the previous section or paragraph.


Several spelling errors occurred throughout the story, that’s why the proofreading and editing by an assignment writing service are very important for every book. This is especially important in a couple cases where it stopped the story pace a moment while trying to understand the word’s meaning.

It was a little disappointing that the author chose to use some acronyms that were never explained in his story. Try as we might, on page 98, “…501’s to be written,” left us curious what the “501” is that Grok must write. Using this novel for reference, it appears we are supposed to know what it means…

In one of the last action sequences, an explosive charge went off on the entrance ramp of a starship, and the flames “…rolled into the lock…? It seems a little far-fetched that blowing up a bomb on the gangway of a large ship would result in its complete destruction… it didn’t “feel” believable.